Allow To Remain

by Leave

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All tracks (but Equal Hearts) written between fall 2014 and summer 2015. Every track was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Leave in a small and stifling hot room throughout the spring and summer of 2015 in Vancouver, BC.


released December 3, 2015

Leave is Emma Citrine and David Cowling.

Album pen-work by Melissa Cowling.
Album design and titling by Leave.

Special thanks to our parents for everything as well as everything else. Thanks to everyone who supported us during our first summer of performances.


all rights reserved



Leave Vancouver, British Columbia

Emma Citrine
David Knights Cowling
Nicole Gilley
Bryan Michael

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Track Name: Bittersweet Relief
Bittersweet relief
Wrap your arms around me
Set us all free again
A bittersweet routine
I’m caught between
My friends and my enemies when
We sell our souls to the sun
And lose what we never had won

Your crying eyes are perfect storms
The curtains are torn
And you silently mourn your loss
Another scrap to burn
We trade what we’ve earned
For a suitcase and a guitar
In hopes that we might find
Some better peace of mind

And it’s on my trail and it’s on my trail
And it’s on my trail tonight

I’m staring at the sun
To bring me release
I’m down on my knees before you
Oh brother, what have you done?
At the point of your gun
You’ve made a killer of your unborn son
And in your twisted hell
You ring your freedom bell
Track Name: Black Crow
Black crow, black crow
You can hear him in the valley
His calls are cold and empty
And the storm is a-rolling
Down on you
When you
Turn away
From me, from me

My head is young
My hands are old
And I can feel it in my bones
Still I rome, still I rome
Now that I'm alone
Now that I'm alone
Sleeping on my own
Take me back home
Black like the sea
Shadows we leave
Mirror everything
Track Name: Deeper Waters
Don't I ever have the right
To fall down?
Dancing under
Roman candle crowns
When I remember
he has fucked me in his head
After he couldn't drag
me into his bed

I've lived long enough to know
The kind of man
Who kisses you like whiskey on the mouth
and holds your hand
Doesn't hide behind a bush
Carrying a knife
My eyes stay glazed over
Every other night

Wading into waters deeper than we know
Suffocated by our curiosity
Tasting every word we're hanging onto
Into waters deeper than we know

Friday nights I'm out with her
Feeling choked
Wondering if we are sexy enough
For those
Men who never
offer an apology
And we keep our thighs tight
Praying to be free

Now we're used up
and we're waiting by the phone
In a perpetual state
On our own
And I used to flirt with death
It's etched into my skin
I only know how to exist
When I'm wanted
Track Name: Years
Years spent
one another
the quiet
Are we still
within each other.
Years spent
Devouring up
The beauty
We hid from others
and meanings
I have
forever borrowed

What we came for
Is what we left with
But I’m not upset
I hope I forget
Nothing vital
Not this feeling
It’s everlasting
And will make me

Years spent
Devouring up
The beauty
We gave each other
The silence
I have
forever borrowed
Track Name: Islands
Draped in heat you leave me careless in your bed
Teasing beneath the softness that melts into your neck
Let the world become you pulses beating back
Pressure the lips that call to you
Where have we gone?

(I am, awake, come and tell me.)

Step out onto the ice, feel the world shake as the island’s waiting
Step out onto the ice, feel the earth crack as the eye line makes us
Look out onto my eyes, feel the earth break as the island takes us
I was waiting
Track Name: Oh Brother
oh, brother of mine
I had to leave you behind
you dug some graves you
know they’ll never find
this was your heart, this swarm of flies
was once your mouth, this bowl of lies
but you served them well;
can’t say that I’m surprised

oh brother, when you came you were a stranger
oh brother, now you’re reaching for the sky to surrender
oh, brother of mine
I had a name but never mind
you were not caught but you know
you crossed the line

you walk the streets at night
you live among them, well disguised
longing to fill this emptiness inside

oh brother, when you came you were a stranger
oh brother, now you’re reaching for the sky to surrender
oh brother, when you came you were a stranger
oh brother, now you’re reaching for the sky to surrender
to surrender

soon the night will come to claim
any light that still remains
Track Name: Equal Hearts
Don’t you know?
We’re still kids;
It plagues us both,
but we won’t admit.
That’s why I’m leaving.
Give us a chance.
That is why I’m leaving.

Follow the path
to what you know.
Follow the path
to where you know, that you’ll go.
But we can’t both go.
We can’t both go.

Different directions
and equal hearts.
Breaking the bonds
that took years to start.
But there’s so much here;
I don’t want to let it go.
Cause there’s so much here.

We won’t let go.
No we won’t let go.

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